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Recipients are infertile women (single or married) who are 50 years of age or younger and have been unable to successfully conceive through various methods, including in vitro fertilization and other fertility treatments. Others have been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (poor egg quality) by hormonal testing or had a very low response to fertility medications. Some women have a genetic issue preventing them from using their own eggs, while others have compromised egg quality due to prior ovarian surgery, premature menopause or ovarian failure (spontaneous or from chemo/radiation therapy), and other conditions.

Egg donor recipients have a choice of either anonymous or known (friend or relative) egg donation, and we now partner with My Egg Bank, a frozen egg bank located in Atlanta. For more information on using frozen donor eggs, click here. Recipients at our Center are free to request specific characteristics in their egg donor such as hair/eye color, blood type, ethnic or religious background, etc., based upon availability at the time of the matching process.

How Do Egg Donor Recipients Get Started?

Recipient couples who are interested in pursuing egg donation should schedule an initial office appointment with one of the physicians at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility. At that time, the overall screening and matching processes, as well as the treatment protocols will be discussed. Once the couple decides to move forward with egg donation, they will then need to schedule a meeting with the office practice administrator, who will review with them in great detail the financial aspects involved, including any and all insurance related issues. Following this, and often on the same day, they will then meet with our egg donor physician and fertility coaches, coordinators. At those meetings, the specific screening and treatment processes will be reviewed in detail. In the case of anonymous donation, the coordinator will also present profiles on available donors whom we feel would be appropriate matches for you based on a “wish list” that you and your partner will create for us. Couples can review these profiles at their leisure, and once they decide to accept a particular donor, the treatment process will begin. Please note that while a great deal of thought and efforts are taken in the matching process, the egg donor recipients always have the final say in accepting or rejecting a particular donor.

We always strive to keep the entire process of egg donation as simple, convenient, and stress-free as possible for all parties involved. The egg donation team (medical and business personnel) is readily available to answer all of your questions and address any issues you may have at any time. Contact our office for more information by calling 732-339-9300 or completing this contact form.

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