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Your best chances for a successful treatment come from taking the right fertility medications. Below please find some information on the most effective and most commonly prescribed fertility medications we at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility recommend to our patients. Click on the medication you’d like to learn more about, and you will be taken to another website with basic information and how to administer these drugs. If you have any questions about these fertility medications or your treatment, please call our office at 732-339-9300.

If you have concerns about paying for your fertility medications, please click here for information about payment programs.

Clomid: Clomiphene basics
Metformin: Metformin basics
Follistim: Follistim Instructions
Menopur: Menopur Instructional Video
Ganirelix: Ganirelix Instuctions
Ovidrel: Medication Guide
Gonal-F: Medication Guide
Cetrotide: Medication Guide
Crinone: Applying Crinone
Endometrin: Endometrin Instructions
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