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Say “Yes!” to IVF …An Affordable Option with Great Success Rates:

Our IVF Refund Plan

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility understands that many who are struggling with infertility may also have limited financial resources.  Sadly, that often makes treatment unattainable. IVF is well known to be the most successful treatment option for infertility. At the same time it’s also the most expensive.

At The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility we believe that every patient should have the opportunity to benefit from the success of IVF.  Our IVF Refund Plan is just one of the affordable options we’ve developed to help you do just that!

IVF Refund Plan Overview

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility’s IVF Refund Plan offers a structured program for a series of infertility treatments. The Plan offers patients a set fee for your initial IVF cycle and subsequent treatments.

Patients must be medically pre-qualified based on number of factors, including age, diagnostic testing and clinical information.

Treatment includes:

  • One IVF cycle with all monitoring, egg retrieval, fresh embryo transfer (medications required during the cycle are not included in the cost), embryo cryopreservation
  • Frozen embryo storage for one year
  • As many Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs) as required for one year
  • ICSI and/or Assisted Hatching as needed

We’ll discuss all the details with you in person during your consultation for participation in the IVF Refund Plan.

The IVF Refund Plan gives you the highest probability of pregnancy within a given time frame and treatment structure at a price that’s more affordable. If you aren’t successful, you’ll be refunded according to the chart illustrated below.

Refund Plan Age < 34 Refund Plan Age 34-36 Refund Plan Age 37-38
$10,500.00 $10,500.00 $10,500.00
70% refund 60% refund 50% refund


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