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Treating infertility can be an extremely costly experience. If your chosen treatment is IVF (the most successful treatment available), it can be quite difficult to determine what your actual out-of-pocket costs will total, but here are some steps to help you find out more about paying for IVF.

To start, if you do not have IVF insurance through your infertility insurance coverage, we offer IVF treatment cycles at just $6300, not including medications and anesthesia. Read more about our $6300 IVF plan here.

First, find out how much insurance coverage you have for infertility. This may require you to read through your policy in detail. If you don’t have a copy of your insurance, call your insurer to have one sent to you, and then ask the insurance representative about your coverage for infertility treatments. Some insurance plans cover all aspects of fertility treatment, others cover only artificial insemination (IUI) and not IVF, some cover IVF only if other tests and methods are performed, still others cover very little or nothing at all. Ask your insurance company if you have coverage for infertility diagnosis testing, and if yes, ask if you have coverage for treatment, and then ask them to explain your treatment to you. Take notes.

Second, read some of the frequently asked questions below regarding infertility insurance and paying for IVF. Some of your questions may be answered here. If you still have questions or are ready to get started, call the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility at 732-339-9300 or contact us online.

Does my insurance cover IVF?

We get phone calls all the time from patients asking us whether an insurance company like Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna or Horizon policy will cover IVF. The short answer is that IVF coverage isn’t ultimately determined by your insurance carrier—it is determined by your insurance plan. Each of the insurance companies mentioned above covers IVF under certain health insurance policies. Whether or not you have infertility and IVF benefits depends on what plan your employer chose to extend to employees. 

How did paying for IVF and infertility treatments end up being so expensive, anyway?

When infertility treatment was in its infancy, there were few centers available to patients. IVF was a new technology with limited access, so clinics were able to price their services as they wished. Unfortunately, that pricing philosophy has remained, even through fertility services are much more readily available to patients.

I thought New Jersey state law required infertility coverage for its citizens!

Here in New Jersey, State law mandates that most employers offer insurance coverage for infertility. However, not all New Jersey residents with insurance are eligible for coverage. For example, if you work for a small employer in New Jersey (less than 50 employees ), the law mandating coverage for IVF does not apply to you. In addition, it’s unlikely that IVF coverage will be included in the upcoming Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care. Unfortunately, fact is that most patients in the AREN’T covered for IVF and will, in fact, pay out of pocket for their treatment.

What about fertility medications?

If you heard that paying for IVF is only the beginning, and that fertility medications are an additional cost, you heard right — but it may not be as expensive as you think. Most of the pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs you need also have plans in place to make prescriptions more affordable for you. this may mean you have to go to a particular pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions, of that you may have an extra form to complete, but we won’t send you far out of your way. And if you have any questions, our fertility specialists and fertility coaches are always happy to help. Click here to read about our current fertility medicine assistance plans.

How exactly am I supposed to figure this out?

Odds are you’re not going to find ANY treatment costs listed on the websites of 99% of the fertility centers around the country. They’re choosing not to share the cost of IVF publicly and usually require an in-office financial consultation with the clinic business staff to try to figure out the actual costs. They’re hoping that through this practice, patients will commit to the clinic, regardless of the prices quoted. It’s not a transparent process and it’s not designed to help you find affordable treatment.

I’m still not sure I will be able to pay for treatment…

No problem. We understand that while $6300 is relatively low for in vitro fertilization, it’s more than what you would find under the couch cushions. Our Fertility Center partners with Lending Club Patient Solutions, a plan which helps you pay your bills and offers a repayment plan to suite your capabilities. Lending Club Patient Solutions allows you to finance up to $40,000 in medical expenses with a low interest rate, with options starting at 3.99%. Click here to learn more.

How is your fertility clinic different from the rest?

At the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility we believe that fertility care should be readily accessible to everyone and that the right to try to have a child should be available to all. We believe in full disclosure of our prices publicly. This allows patients to see the tremendous value we offer them when scheduling IVF with our board-certified reproductive endocrinologists. We prefer a single price for traditional IVF ($6,300) for our self-pay patients, which includes:

  • Bloodwork to monitor your IVF cycle
  • Ultrasound studies during the IVF cycle
  • Egg retrieval
  • Routine IVF lab work (ICSI and assisted hatching are additional costs)
  • Embryo transfer
  • Your first pregnancy test

That can be up to 50% less expensive than other New Jersey clinics.

Until insurance companies and employers decide to broadly cover IVF treatments because of consumer demand or spreading state mandates, we believe it is up to the fertility centers themselves to make treatment more accessible and help couples achieve their dreams of parenthood at a fair price. We believe that’s our responsibility, and we’re taking the lead.

It’s safe to say that you’re probably not going to find IVF costs quoted on most fertility center websites. Instead, you’ll have to call to get an idea of the pricing. Typically costs can range anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 and even more, depending on the specific technologies you require.

At the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility, we make it our mission to provide fair and inclusive pricing to those looking to bring a child into the world. Call us at 732-339-9300 or contact us online today to get started on your path to parenthood!

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