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no quick fix to infertilityWe were a ball of emotions, wondering if we would ever have children, what our issue around infertility was, scared and nervous but trying to stay positive and hopeful at the same time.

All the staff were excellent to work with, and that was obvious from the very first call to the office to set up the consultation. Each member of the team that we encountered with every ultrasound, blood draw and phone call with updates on medications and test results were very caring and sensitive to our needs and situation.

We had an excellent experience, from our very first meeting with Dr. Sachdev we knew that this was going to be a very comfortable experience. We walked out feeling positive that IVF could work for us. He was very knowledgeable about our infertility situation and with every meeting explained each step and process that would been done during our journey.

scared and nervous about infertilityOur nurse Viktoria was also wonderful explaining the medications that we were using and teaching us how to administer them. The retrieval and transfer process and all staff involved were also amazing ensuring that we were comfortable and that all our questions were answered before the procedures were done. We look forward to trying to add another child to our family of three in the near future.

We highly recommend CARMF and we have given the contact number for the office several times. There is no quick fix to infertility but the staff will guide you throughout the journey with care and sensitivity and ensure they give you all the information you need along the way

Kristen Lisacchi

“There Is No Quick Fix To Infertility But The Staff Will Guide You Throughout The Journey” – Kristen Lisacchi
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