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Vanessa Geddes-Flowers CARMF TestimonialMy husband dated for seven years and were married right out of college. We tried to conceive naturally for one year with no success. We decided to seek professional input to determine what the issue was, if any. The First steep was a laparoscopy and the results were inconclusive.

We found a fertility specialist and underwent more testing and eventually decided on Artificial Insemination. Our hopes were dashed when the pregnancy test results were negative. We refused to give up our dream of having a family so, I sought counsel and prayer from a mentor who encouraged me to proceed with looking for a another fertility specialist.

My husband and I purchased a home in 2004 and moved to New Jersey. It was during this time we found Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Fertility (CARMF) on the internet. Filled with anxiety and anticipation, we met with Dr. Sachdev and explained our journey. He was very sympathetic and basically said; let’s cut to the chase, IVF if your best option. The process seemed a little overwhelming but we were ready to go the distance.

I began taking birth control pills and giving myself hormone injections. My body overreacted to the hormones and we had to start again. The second time around the hormone levels looked great, all diagnostic tests came back normal; finally, we were given the green-light. Thirty-two eggs were harvested and we decided to implant two of them. I will never forget the phone call I received notifying me I was pregnant with twins! The joy my husband I felt is hard to explain, we were over the moon. A few weeks later I began experiencing symptoms of hyperstimulation and was placed on bedrest for 30 days.

My husband could not understand my frustration with looking six months pregnant at only four weeks. I had waited all my life for this and wanted everything to be perfect. The was only the beginning. One of the fetuses was not growing as well as the other and we lost one baby at three months. Thanks be to God, the second baby was a fighter and kept developing without any complications. I was just about 30 weeks when I noticed some spotting. I went to see my OB who informed me I was contracting and going into preterm labor. Despite their efforts to stop the contractions and place me on bedrest our eager baby girl came into the world ten weeks early at a whopping two pounds, 12 ounces.

She spent 64 days in the NICU and came home without any delays or equipment. Our daughter is now 9 years old. She’s healthy, intelligent, beautiful and lights up our everyday.

We would like to say thank you to CARMF for helping us to have the family we always wanted. You were professional, empathetic and encouraging. For that, we are eternally grateful.

– Vanessa Geddes-Flowers

“The Family We Always Wanted ” – Vanessa Geddes-Flowers
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