The Basics of Egg Freezing

Egg FreezingThere has been a lot of talk lately about freezing eggs to stop your biological clock. But what does it really mean for you?


Let’s look at the basics:


Who is it for? Egg freezing is a practical option for women of childbearing age (about 21 – 40) who don’t want to become mothers right now.


What does it accomplish? Generally, the younger the egg, the better chance there is of producing a healthier baby. And since the age of the egg is more important than the age of the woman carrying the embryo, freezing your eggs stops your biological clock mid-tick. Additionally, egg freezing is something of a fertility insurance policy. You may not need to use them when the time comes, but you will sure be glad you made a back-up plan.


Where can I go to freeze my eggs? Unlike sperm banks, there aren’t yet any facilities in the greater New Jersey area that serve simply as egg banks. Because the process of egg retrieval is a lot more complicated than extracting male reproductive material, it is important to have a doctor (a reproductive endocrinologist) monitor your progress, especially once you begin fertility medications. Contact an infertility doctor with high IVF success rates and low costs for more information about fertility preservation. Consider researching more than one doctor to find the place that’s right for you.


When is the best time for me to freeze eggs? The younger, the better. Egg quality drops starkly beginning at age 35 for most women, so try to start the process before then. The treatment itself also requires frequent visits and checkups, so be sure to talk to your fertility doctor about the frequency of visits and testing once you begin your cycle.


Why should I freeze eggs at all? Egg freezing offers women more choice, freedom, and peace of mind to live as they choose and hold off on having children for as long as they wish. In fact, raise a glass to yourself and imagine you hear us clinking your glass in cheers to your interest in fertility preservation. ::clink::


How can you get started? Call an infertility specialist or fertility center that offers egg freezing or fertility preservation. Get more information, learn about costs, ask about financing options, and then check again with another doctor. Make sure you get the best help for yourself and Future You by doing research and asking plenty of questions.

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