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Dr. Rahul Sachdev - Reviews
Thankful for Dr. Sachdev
Self-verified patient of Dr. Rahul Sachdev - Posted on October 21st, 2016

My husband and I have Dr. Sachdev to thank for helping us to get pregnant, and now, we are parents to beautiful twin boys. During the process of IVF, he and his staff were there, explaining everything, making me feel so cared for. I was even checked on on the weekends with phone calls, and when I needed an answer to something, he did not leave me hanging. He also did not hesitate to call me himself when needed, and I had no issue getting an appointment with him. I truly appreciate how sincere and knowledgeable he is. You will be in great care with him and his staff!

Thorough doctor who is very knowledgable
Self-verified patient of Dr. Rahul Sachdev - Posted on March 4th, 2015

Dr. Sachev is a very thorough doctor that explores all options when it comes to treatment and diagnosis. Not only does he take the time to explain everything to you, but he makes sure that you fully understand your options. He and his staff are amazing people who are so kind and caring. I have him and the staff to thank for helping me to become pregnant with twins.

Good doctor
Self-verified patient of Dr. Rahul Sachdev - Posted on August 5th, 2014

We were unable to get pregnant. We were given a standard protocol of Clomid for 6 mths, 3 iuis. And finally ivf. Ivf 1 was successful. All together it took us about a year and half for the treatment. IVF was final option which we had to take as per our diagnosis of unexplained, PCOS and partial blockage of tube. We were explained everything in detail. The doctor is very caring.His facility and some times himself would also call us if I had any discomfort reported after any procedure. Infertility treatment is expensive. But if you get a good doctor like Rahul Sachdev and his team, you can be rest assured. They sometimes gave me sample medication also. I especially liked Nurse Victoria in the facility. She is very caring and a patient listener. I would recommend Ctr. for Advanced fertility for women who have difficulty getting pregnant. Please ask questions and be more educated. If you do not ask them yourself, you may not get answers.

Fantastic doctor and practice
Self-verified patient of Dr. Rahul Sachdev - Posted on March 14th, 2014

Dr. Sachdev and the entire staff are amazing. They are professional, caring and courteous. I was a patient for 2 years and came to know everyone there and couldn’t say enough about every single person. Dr. Sachdev always took his time with me, answered all questions and gave great advice. I am finally pregnant, thanks to him and will miss them all as I was released to my OB/GYN.

Dr. Mahasin S Qasim - Reviews
Compassionate and Ethical Practice
Self-verified patient of Dr. Mahasin S Qasim - Posted on September 29th, 2014

We had a difficult but successful journey and are very grateful to Dr. Qasim, his colleagues, and staff. We are expecting twins next month. During the course of our treatments, Dr. Qasim was enthusiastic, supportive, and realistic with the outcomes of every attempt. He always put my health as a top priority and never put me through any extra protocols if he saw very little chance of success. We had many encounters with Dr. Qasim’s staff. Renee handled all of the financial/insurance aspects which wasn’t easy at times, but she did it with the upmost professionalism. Erika, one of the nurses, was always kind and compassionate as were Victoria and Elaine. All of the nurses always followed up and gave very detailed instructions. Kevin and Dr. Feng, the embryology team, gave us realistic odds when we had to go through IUI and IVF multiple times. Additionally, Mary Joan, the phlebotomist, and Annie and Debbie the ultrasound techs were always pleasant and made the early morning appointments a breeze. We are very pleased with the care that we received and would use them again if we decide to have more children.

Five Stars
Self-verified patient of Dr. Mahasin S Qasim - Posted on October 27th, 2014

I am just starting with Dr. Qasim, but my experience so far has been amazing. He is the most optimistic physician I have ever met and he makes what is such an ordeal for families trying to get pregnant that much more easier to deal with. His office staff is also very responsive, and typically gets back to you regarding your questions on the same day. Love Love Love him!

Best doctor in New Jersey
Self-verified patient of Dr. Mahasin S Qasim - Posted on January 3rd, 2014

I feel so lucky that he was my doctor. I know my surgery time in operation theatre I was so scared but when I saw dr.qasim and his smiling face I realized that my family member is with me. His smile gave me a big big strength. Gods give him a good hearts. Thanks god also he introduce me such a good good doctor. Thank you so much.

He really knows his work
Self-verified patient of Dr. Mahasin S Qasim - Posted on October 12th, 2014

We are in debt of Dr Suna Qasim. We started planning a family little late and without giving enough time for things to happen naturally, we started panicking. We met two other doctors before we found Dr Qasim and they both rushed us into IVF. Dr Qasim studied our case, calmed us down. explained all the options and suggested to start with less invasive technique. He got me started on Clomid and Metmorphin for my thyroid. We were bracing ourselves for huge financial and emotional stress of high end fertility treatments like IVF. Thanks to Dr Qasim’s experience and his philosophy of what’s best for patient, we have a healthy 10 month old daughter. I would highly recommend him. I myself may be seeing him again for my second one.

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