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What to Know if Your Employer Does NOT Pay For Egg Freezing

egg freezingSounds perfect, right? Work now, build your career, save up some money, bank your savings, and start a family when you’ve found the right person to settle down with, whenever that time may be. Egg freezing lets you have it all!


But, and this is a big, important but…

How much does egg freezing cost?

Oocyte preservation (egg freezing) is a complex process. The process involves a series of blood tests and ultrasounds, fertility medications, a retrieval procedure, and long-term storage of the frozen eggs. Finding a static cost or even a range of costs for the whole process is extremely difficult — every fertility center may choose to bundle or divide costs differently. When you do talk to your doctor for more information about the cost of freezing your eggs, be sure to ask about the cost of:

  • The initial fertility preservation consultation
  • Blood tests and monitoring throughout the cycle
  • Fertility medication. To get the best result from your egg retrieval, you will likely be placed on a fertility medication regimen. Please note: this can be expensive. Costs will depend on the exact regimen your doctor prescribes. Also ask about any discount programs possible for medications
  • The egg retrieval procedure. Your doctor or the financial specialists in your doctor’s office should quote a realistic number, but sometimes there are additional hidden costs for support staff labor, room use fees, lab fees, etc.
  • Anesthesia for the retrieval, as well as the cost of the anesthesiologist
  • Initial egg freezing and egg storage expenses

Freezing is only the beginning

The main motivation for freezing eggs is that you are thinking about your future, right? So let’s think about the future.


Many women who freeze their eggs will find that they have no trouble getting pregnant when they are ready to start a family, and they will not need to cash in on their insurance policy. But for those who will need those eggs, consider how much it will cost to:

  • Thaw the eggs
  • Fertilize the eggs (usually through ICSI, and with a husband/boyfriend/friend’s sperm or donor sperm)
  • Transport the eggs, if you move far from where they are stored
  • Run any genetic tests on the embryo (usually optional, but may be recommended based on infertility issues, family medical history or family balancing)
  • Transfer a fertilized embryo to your uterus

Egg freezing and fertility preservation are great ideas, but there is a lot more to the process than a simple news headline makes it seem. Talk to a doctor (maybe more than one) and make sure you ask for cost breakdowns of freezing your eggs before you decide.


Click here to get more information on egg freezing costs from Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility. Click here to request an appointment.

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