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$6,300 IVF – The Most Affordable IVF Services in New Jersey

There are many challenges that compound your fertility journey, and depending on your insurance coverage, cost may be one of them. It’s estimated that cost prevents up to 2/3 of patients in the United States from pursuing the fertility treatment they need. In New Jersey, a single IVF cycle can easily cost $15,000.

To help, we’ve created our Affordable IVF Plan that costs 60% less than most other clinics throughout the state. We have lowered our IVF prices to the most inexpensive in New Jersey, while maintaining our exceptional success rates and compassionate care.

$6,300 For Full Stimulation IVF

To help you prepare, we’ve indicated what is, and what is not, included within this discounted plan. Our financial team will also gladly assist you to investigate your insurance coverage for more details.


  • All physician care pertaining to your IVF cycle
  • Monitoring (at The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Fertility); i.e.:
    • All ultrasounds
    • Fertility coaches during your cycle
    • All blood hormone testing
    • All standard embryology laboratory work
    • Education/Materials
    • First pregnancy test
    • First progesterone test

Does not include:

  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), if needed
  • Assisted Hatching, if needed
  • Embyro cryopreservation, if excess embryos available
  • Medications
  • Anesthesia
  • Follow up obstetric care (including blood and ultrasound testing)

To see if you qualify for our Affordable IVF Plan, please contact our billing team today.

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