The embryo Implantation process

Embryo Implantation

Embryo implantation is a term with which many women who are struggling to become pregnant are all too familiar. Women who understand their bodies and how they function know that embryo implantation occurs at the stage in which the blastocyst…

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Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst Transfer – The Most Effective Way to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving

What is a blastocyst transfer? There are so many terms to learn when you’re undergoing IVF. Indeed, one can certainly become an expert in the entire procedure, especially if they’ve undertaken it more than once, as many do. The patient…

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the ivf process

What is the process of IVF?

Most people have at least heard of In Vitro fertilization or IVF with great certainty. After all, this treatment has been in existence for decades, with the first successful human procedure dating back to 1978 and the birth of Louise…

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Day 5 Embryo result

What is a Day 5 Embryo?

Sometimes IVF seems overwhelming, but by the time a woman undergoing this treatment arrives at the point of embryo transfer, the process is actually almost complete. Of course, there are some decisions for the doctor to make before the transfer,…

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Egg Freezing – Conquering Your Biological Clock!!

“My biological clock is ticking away”...  How often do we in the fertility field hear this statement?  Ironically, and somewhat surprisingly, in the fast-paced modern day society we live in, the answer may actually be: not enough.  For the aging…

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go to Fertility Doctor

What Happens When You See a Infertility Doctor?

  For most of us, heading to any doctor’s office – especially when we know there’s a problem – is never an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, a reaction for many people is to avoid seeking…

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Can Infertility Be medically Cured

When Do You Need IVF?

  When people speak casually about infertility, the letters I-V-F often come up in the conversation. Realistically, however, most individuals or couples don’t truly know what it is and when it comes into play unless they’ve been through it. And…

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Why Can’t I Get Pregnant Again?

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant Again?

  If you’ve already experienced the birth of your first child, or perhaps even two children, it’s natural to assume that getting pregnant again should be a breeze, especially if you were quick to conceive with the other(s). But that’s…

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fertility doctor

Is an OB a Fertility Doctor?

  Most women start seeing an OB-GYN during their teens or early adulthood but don’t really think about the OB (obstetrician) part unless they’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant. At the start, which women’s health specialist you see is…

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Pregnancy After a C-Section is possible

Pregnancy After a C-Section

  If you’ve already had a child delivered via C-section, you are more than familiar with the procedure. While those who haven’t gone through it see it as merely “cutting you open to remove your baby”, you likely understand that…

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