Infertility Privacy

It seems that, these days, everyone wants to reveal everything about themselves. People turn to Facebook and Instagram to show us what they eat, what they’re doing, and where they’re going, and to let us know if they’re having a…

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Common Myths about Fertility

Common Myths about Fertility Often Misleading

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a mom. Chances are that if you’re reading this, that’s been part of your plan. Some women know from a very early age that having children is right for them while others are pretty…

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Help Infertile Couples

NASCAR Driver and His Wife Continue to Help Infertile Couples

Kyle and Samantha Busch know what it’s like to long for a baby. The famed NASCAR driver and his wife waited five years after they were married to try starting a family…and they thought it would happen quickly after that.…

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Canadian Hospital Testing New App for People with Infertility Struggles

Clinicians and researchers at Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, along with a handful of community partners, are ready to test a new phone app that they hope will assist couples or individuals that are struggling with issues surrounding infertility. The…

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dealing with Infertility-related Issues

Workplaces Unsure How to Address Infertility-related Issues

Americans would like to think that employers have made progress in dealing with issues surrounding a woman’s pregnancy, maternity leave, and other issues that severely impact women of child-bearing age that are in the workforce. And many companies – large…

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Cause of Birth Complications

New Study Supports Theory that IVF Not Likely the Cause of Birth Complications

A recent report by Finnish researchers and based on Finnish birth registries, profiled in the most recent edition of The Lancet, demonstrates that the lighter birth weight and higher prematurity rates observed after assisted reproduction were largely attributable to factors…

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Women with Infertility Issues

Women with Infertility Issues in Cycle of Regret

The ability to conceive is met with all sorts of emotions. Sadness is a common one. Months after months passing without the telltale signs of pregnancy lead to long stretches of melancholy, wondering why that elusive baby isn’t coming yet,…

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Infertility Among Men

Infertility Among Men Still Stigmatized in U.S.

Women get pregnant. Or they don’t. And when a woman can’t seem to be able to conceive, the blame is often placed on her. Emma can’t have a baby? Must be her ovaries. Or her uterus. Or maybe some other…

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Fertility Issues Among Active-Duty Females/Female Vets

Women in the military have enough to worry about. There’s concern for their safety, of course. They also worry about their families back home and certainly the health and welfare of their fellow troops. Indeed, it’s a life far different…

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fertility tracking apps

Are Fertility Tracking Apps Doing More Harm than Good?

Gone are the days of writing down with paper and pen what you eat or when you exercise, how much you weigh, or what your blood pressure might be. Today, there are apps for that…apps that track many different aspects…

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