exercising during IVF cycle

Exercise During IVF

  Being healthy certainly provides a good road to success with IVF. Someone who is fit and at a reasonable weight has a better chance of successful IVF than an individual who is overweight or has other medical issues. That's…

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studying how long does ovulation last

How Long Does Ovulation Last?

  If you're trying to get pregnant, when and how long you ovulate is a big deal. For most women, ovulation seems practically like a mystery. They can't see it or feel it and – in most cases – have…

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What is an SIS Procedure?

What is an SIS Procedure?

  Much testing is involved in the diagnosis of infertility. Women who are trying to conceive and haven’t after 12 months of unprotected sex will likely undergo a number of different procedures in order to assess what’s going wrong and…

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Artificial Insemination Cost to conceive

Artificial Insemination Cost

  Artificial insemination certainly isn’t a new-fangled 21st century procedure. Long a common practice in animal breeding, the first reported case of successful human artificial insemination happened in 1884 and the first sperm bank was developed in Iowa in the…

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Reproductive Endocrinologist lab

The Role of the Reproductive Endocrinologist

  Battling infertility sometimes involves a plethora of medical professionals, and the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) is usually at the center of this ensemble of individuals who are trying to make conception happen. The reproductive endocrinologist is an OB/GYN physician who…

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Egg Retrieval

About the Egg Retrieval Procedure

  Dealing with infertility is stressful in general, but those who are using IVF in an attempt to conceive can often feel extra stress at certain points. Egg retrieval, which is important to the final outcome, is often one of…

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Can Infertility Be medically Cured

Can Infertility Be Cured?

  The word "cured" is an interesting one. According to most dictionaries, "cure" means to relieve a person (or animal) from the symptoms of a disease or illness. Some diseases and disorders can be cured. Others cannot, but treatment can…

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literary Support for Infertility

Support for Infertility

  There are some trials in life that we prefer to suffer alone, but infertility doesn’t need to be one of them. An estimated one of every eight women in the United States has difficulty conceiving and is considered infertile,…

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Study Shows Black Women Stay Quiet about Infertility

  While black women are twice as likely as white women to suffer from infertility, studies show, they only seek help for it about half as much. Furthermore, a recent report by the University of Michigan suggests, black women are…

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Minneapolis Couple Starts Infertility Program

Minneapolis Couple Creates Infertility Program

  It's almost like you're living a lie, says Elyse Ash. You're told when you're a teenager that if you have sex you should use protection, because you can "easily" get pregnant. And then you get to the age when…

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