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Earn $8,000 by Donating Your Eggs

Egg donation can be anonymous and non-anonymous (“known”). Anonymous egg donors must meet the following criteria:

  1. Age between 21 and 32 years
  2. Good general health
  3. No significant medical problems
  4. No current or prior history of drug abuse or sexually transmitted diseases
  5. Non-smoker
  6. Successful completion of the psychological evaluation.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please complete and submit this form.
Our donors are all caring individuals who wish to help an infertile couple receive the gift of life. Some are students at local colleges or graduate schools, while others are working professionals. Regardless, all donors are required to provide an extensive personal and family health profile, which is provided to the prospective recipient couple. Our program’s philosophy is to provide as much information as possible to the recipient couple regarding anonymous donors without ever divulging their identity. Similarly, the egg donor would never receive any information regarding the identity of our patients. All of these donors are counseled extensively regarding the entire donation process, including the absolute need to maintain confidentiality. In addition, donors are compensated $8,000 upon completion of the egg donation cycle.
Known egg donors must meet the same general criteria as anonymous donors with some exceptions, such as the upper age limit. Since known egg donation takes place between individuals who generally share a strong personal relationship, some of the criteria will be reviewed on an individual basis.

We need more egg donors!

Learn more about our egg donation program by clicking here. If you still have questions, please view our egg donation frequently asked questions page or complete and submit this form to become an egg donor, and our program coordinator will contact you.

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