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Infertility Counseling Services

Infertility is a medical condition that touches all aspects of a person’s life. It affects how patients feel about themselves, their relationships with others, and their perspective on life. How patients deal with these feelings depends on their personality and life experiences. Most people can benefit from the support of family, friends, medical caregivers, and professional counselors. Patients may want to consider counseling if they are feeling depressed, anxious or so preoccupied with their infertility that they feel it is hard to enjoy life. They may also want to consider counseling if they are feeling stuck and need to sort out options and alternatives.

Support can come from many different areas. Books can offer information and understanding about the emotional aspects of infertility. Support groups such as Resolve or web-based support groups can reduce the feeling of isolation and provide an opportunity to learn from others who are experiencing infertility.For peer and professional-led infertility support groups in central and northern New Jersey, check the RESOLVE directory for meeting times. Individual and couple counseling offers the chance to talk with an experienced professional who will help sort out patients’ feelings, identify coping mechanisms, and help them find solutions to your problems. Discussions with family members and friends are also options.

Our physicians at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility are keenly aware of the emotional consequences of infertility and pregnancy loss, and they believe in a comprehensive approach to therapy which blends together the mind and the body. As a result, The Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility offers the services of fertility counselors with longstanding experience for all of its patients. Research has shown that infertile individuals who receive some form of counseling and stress management may have a better success rate than those who proceed without the proper support. Although the help of a counselor cannot guarantee a successful pregnancy, it can help a couple tolerate the emotional stresses involved with greater comfort and mutual understanding.

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