Exercise During IVF


Being healthy certainly provides a good road to success with IVF. Someone who is fit and at a reasonable weight has a better chance of successful IVF than an individual who is overweight or has other medical issues. That’s why many women choose lifestyle changes and strive for weight loss before attempting IVF. After all, the procedure – for many – is expensive and not covered by insurance, so they want the best chances for success, and being in good physical condition is paramount.

exercising during IVFThat said, many women want to keep up those good eating and exercise habits while undergoing IVF. And because exercise also helps relieve stress, those trying IVF want to keep moving so that the stress and anxiety don’t take over.

But what’s okay and what’s not okay to do while exercising during IVF cycle?

Low Impact is Key

Doctors and exercise specialists who work with those undergoing IVF say it’s all about low impact exercise. While there’s no reason to stop exercising all together during an IVF cycle, there are exercise regimens a woman can do that won’t likely impact her chances for success.

  • Walking – This is probably the best exercise for IVF patients, before, during, and after the cycle is complete. Walking at a reasonable pace is indeed low impact and it can literally be done anywhere, including indoors where the walker is not affected by the outdoor elements. Find an interesting place to walk and take a 30-minute stroll each day. Vary your locations to make it more interesting.
  • Yoga – Find a yoga studio in your area that offers pre-natal yoga. Even if you’re not pregnant yet, this might be your best bet. But if it upsets you to be in a yoga class with pregnant women, look for a low-impact beginner class and talk to the instructor before you sign up. Most will know exactly what you should or shouldn’t do so that you don’t put yourself and the cycle at risk.
  • Swimming – Gentle laps up and down the pool are ideal for those seeking some low impact exercise. Remember, you’re not in a race! Swim slowly using an easy stroke and rest whenever you’re feeling tired.
    Avoid Strenuous Exercise

High impact exercise should simply cease if you are undergoing IVF treatments. Jogging or running is out of the question as is weight-lifting except with very light hand weights. Also avoid other strenuous work-outs such as spinning, high-impact step classes, or anything else that would normally tax your body to its extreme. Rigorous exercise will lessen the chance that the embryo will implant itself, so stick to the easy stuff.

Listen to your body

Most of all, let your body tell you what’s too much and what isn’t. There’s a chance that near egg retrieval time you’ll feel less inclined to exercise. That’s your body telling you to slow down and take it easy. When that happens, find something else to keep your mind busy like reading, enjoying a hobby, or even meditation. All of those can assist in relieving stress and will keep your body and mind in prime condition for egg retrieval.

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