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Why is it so hard for us to get pregnant?

Why is it so easy for everyone else?

Why can’t my partner and I just get pregnant after a month of trying, like our friends did?

These thoughts may be running through your head, and chances are, that’s why you’re here.

A fertility doctor may not exactly have been on your list of people you wanted to meet, so let’s turn to the good news.

Good news?

Yes! When you feel like you’re completely alone, it’s easy to beat yourself up with bad news. So let’s start with this.

1). You are normal!

Yes! 1 in 8 couples of reproductive age experience infertility.

This means that if we filled the old Giants Stadium with reproductive aged couples, more than 10,000 would have medical difficulty trying to conceive. Getting pregnant isn’t “easy” for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

2). You have more options to build your family than have ever existed before.

What we call ART, Assisted Reproductive Technology, has improved dramatically over the last twenty years, and continues advancing every year!

You can read more about these treatments here.

3). The part of your fertility journey where you (and your partner) are completely alone…is over.

You have us, your team. We’re the ones who welcome you, answer your questions, lay out a plan (or plans) of action, and support you through every step of the way.

Yes, we’re very proud to have three physicians who are all double board-certified in both Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) as well as Obstetrics and Gynecology.

We’re also proud to have a state-of-the-art laboratory led by our world class, doctorate-level, laboratory director.

Finally, we’re probably most proud of how our entire team takes care of the people we serve.

From our IVF coordinators who take the time to answer every question, to our fertility coaches who hold your hand when you need it, to our financial team who get on the phone with your insurance company to get you every bit of coverage they can.

You Are Not Alone

Your team is ready to help you.

Whether it’s your second opinion, or your very first visit, a consultation is not a commitment to treatment.

Schedule your appointment today.

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