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Office Hysteroscopy is a special imaging procedure that provides an accurate and direct view of the inside of the uterus. This procedure’s goal is to identify potentially treatable abnormalities within the uterine cavity such as polyps, scar tissue or fibroids.

Hysteroscopy may be performed if you have unusual or unscheduled uterine bleeding, repeated miscarriages, infertility or if you are planning an assisted reproductive procedure (such as IVF or IUI). Office hysteroscopy involves inserting a thin flexible fiber-optic telescope into the uterine cavity through the vagina while instilling a small amount of sterile fluid. On occasion, other instruments may be placed down the channel of the hysteroscope in order to biopsy or remove any tissue or lesions which then may be sent to a pathology department for further analysis.

What you can expect with an office hysteroscopy

This procedure is typically associated with only mild discomfort and will be performed in our office by one of our physicians along with an assistant. Most of our patients undergo a hysteroscopy or other such exploratory procedure in order to view the uterus, and hysteroscopies are performed on a particular day of a patient’s menstrual cycle. We also perform this procedure when an OB/GYN has requested his/her patient receive a hysteroscopy.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please ask one of our doctors during your infertility consultation or a member of the fertility coaches. Call us at 732-339-9300 or contact us online today.

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