Reproductive Medicine Specialists 


It isn’t an easy decision to pursue other ways to conceive aside from the natural way. But if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than a year and it’s just not happening, it’s a logical choice to think about other methods that can assist you in getting your family started. But to do that, you’ll need to locate reproductive medicine specialists in your area and choose one that seems right for you.

Why a specialist?

what is icsi?Perhaps you’ve been discussing your inability to conceive with your GYN doctor. He or she is, of course, a good place to start. Gynecologists are well-versed as to your personal reproductive health – especially if you’ve been seeing them for a while – and can certainly identify some red flags that might be the cause of the difficulties you are having getting pregnant.

But, if you are truly ready to delve into the world of assisted reproductive technology, you’ll need to find a doctor (or group of doctors) that are experts in this field. These individuals – reproductive medicine specialists – will be able to do a lot more for you then a gynecologist, who is trained in reproductive health but not in the specific science of fertility and the methods you can use when conceiving naturally just doesn’t seem to want to happen. Yes, the reproductive specialist will likely also be an OB/GYN but will possess the special skills and knowledge needed to address your infertility.

Finding a fertility clinic

If you live in or near a large city, you may have a number of fertility clinic options in close proximity to your home. If you’re in a more rural area, your choices may be limited and you may find, after doing some research, that it pays to travel a little ways in order to meet with a practice that has had great success in helping women or couples get their family started.

The most important thing to do is to ask questions. Reproductive medicine specialists that have a good track record will be willing to share their successes with you and will be eager to communicate the experiences of their clients.

Once you have an idea as to which clinic(s) you would like to consider, schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation. While that might sound strange, you should remember that you could potentially be working with your chosen doctor for quite some time and you want to feel comfortable with that individual and his/her staff. If you don’t like that person and/or feel it’s difficult to communicate with he or she, the whole experience changes to something negative.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions including those pertaining to pricing. If you don’t have healthcare that covers fertility treatments, you’ll absolutely need to know the cost of various procedures. Those costs may determine which specialist you choose. Things like IVF and egg freezing constitute large financial investments so it’s okay to “shop around” as long as you consider both price and reputation/success rates together to determine your best choice.

At Advanced Reproductive Medicine, we combine decades of experience with fair prices and consistent support for our patients. Take a moment to read about our patient-focused fertility services and call us for more information or to meet with our doctors.

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